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Sarong - The Remix - 25% Off

Sarong - The Remix - 25% Off

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Very Large 50"x50" Make a statement with this fluid and beautiful timeless sarong. The Remix is a new take on the K.Milele signature "Kitty 4 Life" artwork.  Use it as a giant scarf or hang it on your wall as art!  Art created by Kiki Kitty

• Very soft hand, lovely drape
• Printed and sewn by hand in Montreal, Canada
• Vivid print that will never fade after washing

• Machine wash in cold water with phosphate free detergent, hang to dry, iron on synthetic setting, may shrink after the first wash

About Fabrics

Poly Chiffon: Slightly translucent, polyester chiffon is a woven fabric that is breathable, soft, and flowy. Polyester chiffon is manufactured with 100% polyester fibers in a variety of vibrant, non-fading colors

• Print is visible about 90% on the back side

Matte Crepe: Not sheer. has a textured surface. Fashionable, soft with a good amount of weight, it. 

• Print is not very visible about on the back side

Silk Charmeuse: fabric is a luxuriously smooth and lustrous fabric constructed with a satin weave from 100% natural, hypoallergenic silk fibers

• Print is visible about 90% on the back side

Silk Modal: Subtle shine which makes the fabrics look even more elegant. . It has a silky feel to it and is also very comfortable. Modal Fabrics are Breathable, Sweat Absorbent and Non-Sticky., it absorbs sweat and spreads it, hence making your summers comfortable. Safe for the environment and the kids as it is made out of 100% Natural Fiber.

FUN FACT! Modal silk is a wood pulp based cellulosic fibre made from beech trees extract. The cellulose extracted from the beech trees is spinned manually to make it into a beautiful modal silk fabric. Warm, breathable

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